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Logline is a screenwriting and outlining app that lets you write your screenplay, treatment and outline in one place.
‘Breaking story, writing pages, or revising anything, Logline helps me keep my head in the clouds, my imagination running strong.’ — Tom Benedek, writer of Cocoon and co-founder of Screenwriting Master Class
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Simple Interface:
No need to click buttons or menus to format your screenplay. Just type — Logline takes care of the rest.
Drag & Drop Outlining:
Logline helps you build and rearrange the foundation of your story, then never lose sight of it while you write.
Customer Support:
Free, first-class tech support via email or phone. Visit for assistance.
Edit Anywhere:
Logline uses plain text. This makes your work portable. Write on any device or platform using any text editor.
Powerful Export Options:
Write your screenplay, treatment and outline in one document. Logline helps you be a more organized and productive writer.
Designed for Writers:
It’s clean, simple and spacious. Choose the background that best fits the mood of your screenplay.
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About Fountain:
Logline uses Fountain, a simple markup syntax for writing screenplays in plain text. Fountain allows you to edit your screenplay on any computer, device or platform. Learn more at

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Structural plus Organization of Writing = Outstanding App

I recently purchased LOGLINE and have found it to be more “USER FRIENDLY’ then most Screenwriting programs. I like how you can structure your writing, while writing dialogue. It helps that you can write scene by scene, structure your thoughts and write notes for reminders, concerning that particular scene. Once you have decided to add/subtract dialogue-rewrite, due to wanting to make a change, that will support that particular scene — to help move your scene forward and never having the need to return for corrections. I like how you can export the screenplay to Final Draft. How you can print out outlines, to view how your screenplay is progressing. There are so many advantages with this screenwriting program, compared to others. I feel that once you get started using this product, you will continue using it with a positive influence. I am truly “Thankful” for such an Aggressive Product in Screenwriting. It helps me spend more time doing what research is required, in developing my screenplay, while in production. Give it a try — you will not be Disappointed.

A great place to Organize, outlinbe and Write A Screenplay in one place

I first discovered the Fountain syntax for writing screenplays, after listening to John August on one of his podcasts. I was searching all the available running apps that could understand the Fountain syntax.
They all have a lot of functionality, when it comes to writing the screenplay. The thing that most are missing, is a good way to organize and outline. Logline is the best that I’ve seen, so far in terms of having an understandable system, for using the outline function of the Fountain screenwriting syntax, and visually represent a pretty similarly to notecards.
The pop-up side menu allows you to drag and drop sections very easily. That’s fantastic. And the way the display works they can highlight by changing the look of the font when you’re doing the screenplay section which pops out from the rest of the notes that you’ve written. Easy to scan your document with your eyes to find the sections of your screenplay.
Two things I would love to see in the upcoming version.
First would be the ability to preview the various export options without having to actually create a PDF. It works fine, but sometimes I can’t remember what levels of notes are going to be included out in A particular export layout, and I have to export them all before I can find the version that is most useful for me.
The other would be the ability to print out the Script with notes in place It would be very useful in the development stage of the script when you want to look at your notes and print out a hard copy to write on the page (you know, the ‘Old Fashioned’way).
Other than that, this is a great place to sit down and just get working on your story.

Really amazing app.

I am so glad I spent the 35 dollars on this app. It’s a really, really fantastic piece of software. And yes, the formatting DOES work. It’s a little odd initially, but after spending an hour with the app it was clear to me that I had a winner.
I’ve used slugine (a fine app, but not nearly as nice as this one), Fade In, Final Draft, and Celtx. I can definitively say that logline is by the far the best of the group.


Size3.4 MB


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The first three apps on this list all take a similar no-frills approach to writing. They sport clean, minimalist interfaces, keep all your writing in a single window, can swap documents between their iOS and Mac versions, and use some variation of the Markdown syntax to handle all text formatting.

  • $4.99/month with a 14-day free trial — Download now!


Nearly everything Ulysses does, Bear does just as well, in an arguably prettier package. Bear’s fonts and color scheme, while still clean and stark, go easier on the eyes than Ulysses’s utilitarian gray. Its stats panel is much easier to read, though less detailed. And Bear strikes a happy medium between full WYSIWYG formatting and Markdown simplicity by clearly labeling different header tags as you create them, and offering the option to actually show text as bold or italic when properly marked.

  • Free to download, $1.99/month or $14.99/year Bear Plus subscription — Download now!

iA Writer

iA Writer is inexpensive — just a one-time $15 fee — and it packs a reasonably robust feature set. iCloud sharing and synching with its iOS sibling is built in, as is WordPress and Medium support. Like Bear and Ulysses, iA Writer offers downloadable export templates, and its help files include instructions to make your own with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But for all these virtues, iA Writer still falls short.

  • $15 — Download now!


At the opposite end of the spectrum from its spartan rivals, Scrivener is a jumbo-sized Swiss army knife stuffed with a sometimes overwhelming array of fun and useful tools. The other programs in this roundup are undeniably more versatile, lending themselves just as well to note taking, blog posts, journalism, or technical writing as they do to writing fiction. In contrast, Scrivener’s built to serve the needs of folks writing novels, short stories, screenplays, and — given its ability to store pictures, cached web pages, and other research material alongside a given text — possibly term papers. For $45, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Best Screenwriting Apps For Ipad

But despite this complexity, Scrivener does a good job of getting out of your way. Scrivener offers an outline mode, and a corkboard mode that displays each of your scenes as virtual notecards on which you can hash out what happens when. But if you just want to start writing without worrying about its bells and whistles, you won’t have a problem. Because it’s so like the Finder, Scrivener’s system for storing scenes in various folders makes sense immediately. And like all the programs mentioned here, Scrivener offers a fullscreen mode that blots out everything but the text you’re working on, to avoid distractions.

  • $45 — Download now!

Which app is best?

If you want a jack-of-all trades writing app with WordPress, Medium, and iCloud support built in, Ulysses is your best bet. If you’re not willing to shell out $4.99 a month indefinitely, try the similar Bear first. You may not ever need its advanced features, which would give you a terrific writing app for free.

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But if you’re serious about creative writing, and you want a stalwart companion to help drag stories out of your brain, Scrivener’s your best bet. Its learning curve is steeper, but its powerful features make that climb worthwhile.

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Got any favorite apps we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below.

Free Screenwriting Software For Mac

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